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Welcome to HRH Solutions Midlands Ltd

We specialise in central heating supplies, heating system controls, taps, radiators and plumbing fittings. Our product range covers everything you'd need to ensure that you can find a replacement for an old central heating programmer or timer, a new thermostatic radiator valve or a new thermostatic sensor head or a brand new way of controlling the heat in your home. We can provide you with taps, radiators, a new shower or the plumbing supplies to fit everything!

We have heating controls designed to make your home energy efficient, such as our range of digital and wireless room thermostats. We also have hard wired room thermostats in both digital and mechanical formats.

Alongside all of these controls we offer a range of designer radiators, like our column radiators or our heated towel rail radiators. This range of radiators will give an amazing finish to any room, whether traditional or contemporary. Every radiator needs a valve and a special radiator deserves a special valve! We can offer a contemporary stylish radiator valve or a more traditional styled valve with all the energy saving, thermostatic functionality you would expect. We always have new ranges of radiators for you, including the Nova Oval tube radiators.

How about big brands? We have some of the biggest brand names available in the heating and plumbing industry - Honeywell, Drayton, Danfoss, Giacomini to name a few!

Welcome to HRH Solutions Midlands Ltd