Adey MagnaClean Professional Filter 22mm

Adey MagnaClean Professional Filter 22mm
Adey MagnaClean Professional Filter 22mm Adey MagnaClean Professional Filter 22mm
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Adey Magnaclean Professional Central Heating System Filter 22mm

An Adey MagnaClean Professional heating filter protects central heating systems, reduces maintenance costs and significantly increases efficiency.

Small build-ups of iron oxide and non-magnetic deposits in a boiler can result in considerable reductions in performance. The Adey MagnaClean Professional central heating filter uses proven technology to remove virtually 100% of suspended magnetic debris and efficiently capture non-magnetic particles in both new and existing heating systems, improving flow through radiators.

Setting industry standards for improving central heating system performance, the Adey MagnaClean Professional 22mm filter provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced energy bills– independent research by GASTEC at CRE indicates annual savings of up to 6%.
  • Reduced carbon emission
  • Effective magnetic filtration
  • Efficient non-magnetic capture
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Quick & easy chemical dosing

Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years.


Black iron oxide sludge is deposited in a container... The MagnaClean Professional filter is placed into the container... Within seconds the water starts to clear as MagnaClean Professional sets to work... After just ten seconds virtually all sludge has been trapped and the water is clear... The MagnaClean Professional filter is removed for easy cleaning.

The MagnaClean Professional 22mm filter can be fitted anywhere on the main circuit of a central heating system. However, in order to achieve the best protection for the boiler the recommended fitting location of the Adey Magnaclean Professional Heating Filter is after the last radiator before the boiler. In determining a suitable location for installation of the Magnaclean it is important to allow adequate access for servicing.

For a brochure from Adey with all of the Magnaclean Professional Heating Filter specifications click HERE.

It is strongly recommended that an Adey MagnaClean Professional filter is installed and serviced by a qualified heating engineer.

Call our sales team on 01543 509444 for help and advice on central heating filters.

By Drew Bown