Ariston 10 litre 3kw under sink water heater
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Ariston 10 Litre 3KW Under Sink Water Heater

£149.00 (£124.17 ex.VAT)

Ariston 10 Litre 3KW Under Sink Water Heater

  • Easy to operate with mechanical dial
  • Modern, cutting-edge and stylish design
  • Installation in 10 easy steps
  • Heating lamp to show the heating cycle is in process
  • Fast reheat times
  • Titanium enamelled tank and 4-bolt flange for robustness and durability
  • Copper heating element (Nickel free)
  • ‘E’ setting on the dial to optimise comfort and energy saving

Product Description

Ariston 10 Litre 3KW Under Sink Water Heater

The Ariston 10 litre under sink water heater is a more energy efficient way to heat your water.  The Ariston is a compact design, leaving you with more room and comfort.
The easy to operate water heater comes with a mechanical dial, meaning you get complete control over your hot water. With it’s easy to install process, this product can be up and running your hot water in no time. This modern and stylish design allows for fast reheat times, so you’ll never be waiting around for hot water.
The front of this design displays a heating lamp, so you can easily see the heating cycle is in process. The titanium enamel tank and 4-bolt flange allows for robustness and durability. The Ariston comes with a copper heating element, which is nickel free.
The ‘E’ setting on the dial is there to optimise your comfort and help save energy.

This cutting edge stylish design and easily be mounted below or above the sink.

  • Type: Unvented
  • Capacity: 10 Litres
  • Height: 385mm
  • Width: 360mm
  • Depth: 298mm

Andris Lux allows you to fine-tune the water temperature and obtain the most comfort that meets your needs.

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