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  1. nice and informative site good to see that someone is doing something for upcoming bands etc 🙂

  2. Very cool site, Tim! I sent an e-mail regarding coverage of Imp of Perverse, just wanted to let you know here in case you missed it! Thanks!

  3. Antlive – savage

  4. So This Is An Awesome Site!!! Love The Comments And Recent Activity!
    I’d Be Honored To Have A Chance To Have My Music On Here.
    I’ll Be Sending A Link.
    Have A Great Day!!!
    Rock On..

  5. Hey Tim,

    Admire what you do! True music reporting is far too rare now-a-days. Left you a message of our EP.
    Band: Taciturn
    Location: Washington, DC
    EP: This Will Make You Happy
    Genre: Noise/Post-Punk
    Contact: Nyle Hamidi

    Cheers man! And keep sites like this alive.


    • Thanks

      Safely received will respond asap


      • We are Windshake we have been together as a 3 piece band for 2 years we have been recording endless amounts of singles and demos alongside 1 music video over the past 2 years, however we wanted to finally create an EP with a sound we were happy with, it’s been written recorded and produced by ourselves. We’ve also played nearly 100 shows this year, we want to use this to push ourselves further and get a bit of a springboard with it. As we do not have a manager or record company and do the promotion side of things ourselves (the true indie), we’d love your help to give us more coverage with good or bad reviews and any advice u have!

        Head over to our YouTube or Facebook page and check out our new music video to ‘Sleepy State of Shame’ off of our ‘debut’ EP ‘Feeling Friendly’.

        Don’t forget to listen to ‘Feeling Friendly’ in its entirety from the links below!



        Apple Music/iTunes


        Google Play


  6. hi im james. maybe you will like what you hear ?

  7. Tim,

    I really love what you’re doing with the site! I’ve bookmarked it and can’t wait to hear what else you find. c: keep up the fantastic work!

  8. aye can you guys share my track im a indie artist from canada i go by LIGHTBEAM my label is MangledMusik i smoke alot of weed and i mix & master my own music / video edit and such ! heres my latest work which is a remix to Famous Dexters im High – Enjoy !


  9. I am an independent artist currently living in Chicago.

    Hope this message reaches you well, and please enjoy the second link, which is my newest release entitled “Black Hole”

    Thank you,


  10. Glad that I stumbled acrossed an active blog that caters to great indie music. Keep up the good work.

  11. Hi Tim,
    I’m new to your blog.It’s very interesting.I really appreciate cos your blog it’s about all around the world .Emerging artists,indie artists from everywhere are concerned .BIG UP


  12. Hey Tim,

    Just a quick comment to let you know I’ve dropped you an email with a link to my new EP “Scared of the Dark”. Would love to know what you think.

    Love the blog keep up the good work!



  13. Hey, I’m sure you hate getting these by now, but I suppose you’re still replying to them, so you can’t hate it that much.
    Just commenting to let you know I sent you some of my stuff via the email form (hopefully the links worked), and that I look forward to hearing what you think of it!

  14. Hi Tim,

    Just sent my music over in an e-mail. It would mean the world to me if you checked it out!


    Joe (Fountain Park Apts.)

  15. Well since everyone is commenting the same thing…my turn: hey Tim! Just sent an email with our music and info, for when you have a second to check out.

    Thanks! 🤘😉

  16. Sent in my latest album – Nancy by Canids! Would mean the world if you’d listen 🙂

  17. Hi Tim, Just sent you an email regarding a review of our E.P. Hope you can help. Thanks

  18. Hey Tim, Spoon Canoe just sent over the single from our upcoming LP. Let us know what you think!

  19. Just submitted our first single to you via e-mail, hoping it reaches you 🙂

  20. Hey Tim –

    Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I sent you an email with my debut single “My Heart”.

    Looking forward to hearing your input!

    Cheyenne Benton

  21. Hi! Grant Smith here, with my recent album release Empty Words available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and more!
    Eighteen years old from a small town in Oklahoma, making it in Los Angeles!



  22. Sent email for Kayla Rae. Just confirming receipt of delivery

  23. Hey! American Boy is a solo project located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and are influenced by alternative/indie bands. Here’s the link to American Boys single

  24. Hello TIM,

    Just sent you an email !

    My name is Mandi Rose ? & I am a 21 year old independent singer and songwriter from the LA area. Thought I’d reach out and share some of my music with you.

    Below is a link to my brand EP ‘Back For More’



    It is also as of yesterday available on my soundcloud for free.

    I just released my debut EP titled ‘Back For More’ which is available on iTunes, spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud & all other music streaming outlets online !

    I’ve also released two single prior to my EP “Rockets” & “Watch Her Now” which you can find music videos for on my youtube!

    Prior to that, I released a 12 track mixtape titled ” The Introduction”

    I genuinely just want my music to be shared with others and hope that after hearing my music you will want the same.

    You can find my music everywhere by searching @mandirosemusic


    Much love ,

    Mandi Rose

  25. Hi Tim!

    Just sent an email via the contact form regarding my band American Diner. Can’t wait to hear back from you!

    -Levie Galapon (American Diner)

  26. Cats of Sherman are an Olympia Washington based psychedelic rock band. Debut album released on CD and digital download from all major online sellers. Here is a playlist of videos YouTube

  27. Hi Tim, I sent you an email through the form… but I see a lot of people here also commenting and that you actually reply! So here is my submission, again.

    Sort of slow music. Reminiscent, I suppose, of Galaxie 500. I just put this up so its as fresh as fresh gets. The album graphic is on the link below.

    As is true of all musical artists, the music songs serve as an extension and reflection of me. Its an album about nostalgia, regret, sex, love and suburbia.

    I hope to hear back:


  28. Hey!

    Our band Ocean just released a debut EP on Spotify and Soundcloud. Hope you enjoy it!

    You can find us at: Facebook

    A music streaming site

    // Ocean

  29. Teetotum are Brighton’s finest purveyors of British Invasion, reverb soaked, heavy Rn’B riffs and 3 part harmonies. Think if the Everley Brothers were actually triplets who’d been adopted at birth by a polygamous family who had a penchant for all things aesthetic. The band is made up of a magician, a wedding singer and a life model. Throw an 8 string bass into the mix and you have Teetotum. The band have just released their debut EP ‘Mind Your Teeth‘ –

  30. Hey there,

    Paper Dogs here from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Just wondering if you’d be interested in a first look at our new EP?

    The music video for our new single ‘Social Animals’ is available here:

    And the full EP is here:

    It would be great if you want to post it somewhere on your site. If you would like to hear the entire EP ahead of its release later this month, let us know and we can send it on over to you.

  31. Hello, I am HiddenN

    I dwell in the darkest potion of your heart.

    I speak your truth through music.

    Playlist link:

    Contact : Thehiddennone @

  32. Skinny Is Green is an alternative rock band from Dallas, Texas. Check out the music video for our brand new song: Watching Me:
    Be sure to connect with us on Facebook & Instagram:

  33. Hello,

    We are a band called Circumfrenzy that has recently released our debut album ‘Listen’. The album is a unique blend of rock, blues, funk, folk and jazz.

    Online streaming at:

    Free download at our website:

    Thank you and hope you enjoy the music!


    Team Circumfrenzy.

  34. Hi,

    I’m a novice recording artist. I just completed two eps. I would love if you could give me your thoughts on my music. My music project is called Capitalist Bohemians.

    Band Name: Capitalist Bohemians
    Location(s): Los Angeles
    MP3 Link(s):
    Song(s) Title (if not in the MP3 URL)
    Album Title:’Sunlight Electric’ and ‘Blue On You’. (EPs)
    Album Month/Year: 2016

    Also, available on iTunes.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    Richard Chiu

  35. Heeeere’s Repa!

    A One man’s band and a stand against something. “Maybe agaist guitars that are in tune…?” one might say with a smug look on their face. And they might be right. But nevertheless, without further ado:


    An album that was supposed to be rap, but didn’t quite turn out that way as Repa finally awoke from his drunken hiphopdream and grabbed the guitar in one hand and bass guitar in the other and…

    Thanks and easy listenings,


  36. Hello! I’m Girl Blue and I just released a live video of my song “Fire Under Water“. Check it out!:

  37. Hey guys!

    We’re a hot indie band from Toronto called The Census. Check out our latest single and see what you think!


    The Census

  38. Band Name: Nolan Kurtz
    Location(s): Seattle, WA
    MP3 Link (s):

    Album Title: Dark Water
    Album Month/Year: July 22, 2016

    A short bio(optional): Seattle-based producer and multi-instrumentalist utilizing genre-blending (dream pop, shoegaze, trap, collage, post punk, ambient) to create electronic music with added depth. I’ve been releasing tracks here and there for the past year and just released my debut album ‘Dark Water.’

  39. What if you’re just really terrible at math on these captchas? Is that the first test to not have your time wasted? All the same, thanks for the consideration.

  40. Here is the link to my new single/EP

    I am an indie rock musician, trying to get more fans and reach more people online. This song is one of the best that I’ve recorded in the past couple months, so submitting it here seemed to make some sense.

    I will be writing more tracks in the future, just might take some time.

    Best Regards,
    Will Schaeffer

  41. Hi!
    Im Gino Lee, singer/songwriter and music producer from Cape Town, South Africa, also based in NYC and LA.

    I would love for my song, “this party.” to be featured on your music blog 🙂
    Please check out my EPK below for more info:

    Here is a direct link to the song:

    Im Gino Lee, singer/songwriter and music producer from Cape Town, South Africa, also based in NYC and LA.

    I would love for my song, “this party.” to be featured on your music blog 🙂
    Please check out my EPK below for more info:

    Here is a direct link to the song:

  42. Idk how into RnB music you are but we really attempted to put our best foot forward with this track. Produced and engineered by yours truly @legacybeats413 vocal performance by Cle’ph_RnB.


  43. Hey mate,

    Sent you a message but just thought I’d pop something here as well, we’ve just released a brand new music video and some new tracks on soundcloud that we think you’ll really love and you can check um’ out here if you like.
    G:A:R:R [Government Approved Rock & Roll]

    3 New tracks on soundcloud

    Cheers mate!

  44. I know you get flooded with emails so I’m gonna make this as quick as possible.

    We are MENTEUR. Less of a band, more of an art project – Menteur is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation. Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound. Currently Menteur consists of 36 performers.

    Our new album is called “MOBILIZE”, and it was captured in binaural sound. It is very dear to us, and we would love to know what you think about it. bandcamp

    There were three singles from the album, which I’ll link to here:

    Brakes” – funky and fun –

    What We Could Have Been” – heavy and psychedelic –

    The Last Time We Were Close” – sad and spacey, the last song feat. Sam Reeves –

    Thanks for reading and listening!
    Carter, and The Menteur Music Group

  45. Girl/Vices has an EP coming out in late summer!

  46. Hey!

    RADATTACK is releasing an EP in a couple of weeks. He is a young dude from Columbus, Ohio, and it’d be sweet if you could check him out. I put a soundcloud link in below. Thank you!


  47. Somos Normandie. Indie Pop from Chile.
    Here you can check their latest single youtube

  48. Hey, you should check this debut single ‘Come Back’ from Swedish artist Linn Koch-Emmery. Really cool indie rock, just released (June 1st).

    Take care!

  49. Much love,

    Have you ever heard of Jerry Gari?

    He just released a video for a song called “Four The Night

    The whole thing is raw I cant lie.

    I’m just trying to share his work. The dude is kind of low key.

    Met him out here in Portland.


    David Weber

  50. Strate “A”

    Here are the links to my mixtape Straight A’s
    It is a 6 song mixtape that goes on an emotional roller coaster and displays how someone can lose their mind when pushed to limits. It was released May 1st 2016.

    <——— Downloadable from here.

  51. My alternative hip hop group released a mixtape for my birthday, let me know if you guys would be interested in featuring it.


  52. Hello world this is Everly Bel-Air a rap duo out of the USA. Located in Louisville KY, check out our music on sound cloud @Everly_Belair

  53. Hello Emerging Indie Bands,

    We are an emerging band based out of Berlin and we are hoping to do some support shows in Europe. We are also looking to get in contact with some booking agents worldwide. Check us out here:


  54. Hi,

    We want to share our newest release, Little Little Homes (EP). This is a collection of songs from our upcoming LP, Little Homes. The EP will be released exclusively on Spotify and Soundcloud on Friday, February 26th.

    Click for Soundcloud stream.
    Click for FEiN’s EPK via Dropbox.

    Our new EP features an updated album version of #Grownupz, a song that has generated significant buzz on Spotify, Hype Machine, and Soundcloud in the past several months. #Grownupz entered at #4 on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart and has received over 170,000 plays in the past week—a 1700% jump in seven days.

    Also included on Little Little Homes (EP) are our latest tracks Sculptor and Girl You Can’t Hide It. Sculptor is a hip-hop/indie rock song that deals with the phenomenon of cosmetic plastic surgery in the Los Angeles scene. Girl You Can’t Hide It is a funk/indie tune featuring a baritone sax solo and lyrics about a crumbling marriage. Girl You Can’t Hide It flows seamlessly into #Grownupz via the experimental hip-hop mini-song Outro.

    We hope you enjoy our new music. We are available for interviews or any additional questions you may have. Please see our attached bio for more information about our band, FEiN. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our newest release Little Little Homes (EP).

    Nothing but the best,
    FEiN (Luke Walton and Brandon Woodward)

  55. Hey,

    I’m an Australian artist who just released an 8 track that you can listen to at bandcamp

    Lo-fi dream pop, indie and post rock influences.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!

  56. just released an ep december 29th! we like lo – fi and shoegazy sounds. please check it out.

    • Emma

      Perspicaciously, I have just got to your contact message of the 2nd, which was the right place to use and am just now penning some words, will be emailing you shortly.

  57. Hi everyone, check out this new release!



    Streaming Album:

    Trailer Video:

    Bio: “A triad of talented musicians, Union Sea was formed in 2013 and released their debut full length album titled “The Two Moons” in June 2015. The music is a soundscape for the sci-fi short story by the same title. The Two Moons is available as a digital download or on CD with Hard Cover Book at Influences include Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and Depeche Mode. Union Sea is Alex Monk, Nick Buchmiller, and Dan Mulhern. Drums performed by Gene Glenn. Mixed and Mastered by Cody Vanhoozen.”

  58. Hi guys! We are The Kans from Bogor, Indonesia. We played garage rock music, so many influenced by 70’s rock band such as The Smiths, Blondie, The Beatles and some garage rock revival bands such as The Strokes, The Libertines, The Black Keys and many more. We have a three songs that we uploaded it in, there’s a new song called “Ideas Girl” that is awesome fun and a good songs.

    Soundcloud :
    Facebook :


  59. Hello, we are a rock n’ roll band from Corpus Christi, Tx.
    We are contacting you about possibly being featured with an article or review for your site!
    We have opened up for Dr. Dog, Psychedelic Furs, Reverend Horton Heat, and have performed at 2 offificial SXSW showcases. We are currently in the process of releasing our debut EP this September. And would love to have your site review it for us.

    You can listen to some of our music at

    Here is our latest music video for a track off of the EP

    For more info about the band you can go to here or facebook

    Please let us know any info or opportunities.
    You can contact us at theblindowlscctx @gmail . com

    Thank You

  60. Hi Tim,

    I just sent an email over about an awesome new band that would be a perfect fit for your blog!

    Many thanks,

  61. Hi there!

    I’m Rachele, a music booking agent working for italian Blob Agency and I would like to recommend to your kind attention the last recording of Siren, a rising alt rock band which has already achieved resounding success through national public.

    Siren has released its first album ‘The Row’ in 2014, in which produced an interesting musical bond between punk rock, stoner and indie rock music. The band is planning an European tour and Blob Agency’s helping it to acquire much more visibility through the international webzines.
    I would be really grateful to you if you supported Siren’s music by writing and sharing a review of its work which’s full of passion and eccentricity.

    Click on this link if you want to listen to entire Siren’s record.
    Here is Siren’s Official Sie:

    I really thank you for your kind attention.

    Best regards,


  62. Hey, guys! My name is Elena and I just want to show you a real indie rock band from Ukraine (Donetsk). Despite the war on the east of Ukraine these guys rock and prove that nothing can mess with music! It’s worth your attention. Just check…


    To purchase


  63. Hello there

    I’m a solo artist from Glasgow, Scotland that just released an album on Bandcamp a few months ago (linked down below) and I’m very interested in your site.


    If Emerging Indie Bands could please check out my material and possibly include it in their website I would be very grateful.

    Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing back from you.


  64. Hello,

    we are I Am The Distance, an acoustic rock band from Milan, Italy.
    We’re writing you in order to introduce our musical project, hoping to be given the chance to appear on your site.

    The basical information about us are the following:

    – We founded the band in 2011; so far, we’ve recorded a self-titled EP and another four-track EP called “Solace” with an independent label, and we’re also currently planning to record our first full-lenght album;

    – Between August and September 2013, we took part in a big musical event organized by Hitweek (, an all-Italian Festival that has been exporting local talents all over the world for seven years so far; we played at the Young Circle Arts Park Amphiteater in Hollywood (Florida), on the 5th of October;

    – In January 2014, we performed for Ont’ at the Gibson Studios in London, having two live videos released via YouTube.

    Contacts and links are listed below: (live @ Ont’ (live @ Ont’

    We’d be glad if you checked out our music, and we hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you very much for your time!

    Jacopo, Laura, Alessandro, Fabio – I AM THE DISTANCE

  65. Hey, Emerging Indie Bands
    This link is to the video, of our song, “The Waxing Moon”

    It is one song, from our most recent release – our maxi single Heart of viole[n]ts.
    This link is to the zip of that maxi single.

    We’re a band, very into our work, looking to find fans of our music. We believe, we create things that people will enjoy. But they must first know we exist. If you like what you see/hear, please share our efforts on .

    Thank You,
    Artemis Cephei – Leader.Guitarist.Manager
    212.945.8599 site

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