Danfoss randall 103 TC programmer

Danfoss Randall 103 TC Heating Timeswitch

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Danfoss Randall 103 TC Heating Timeswitch

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  • 24 hour 2 on/off
  • Timed heating control
  • Provides a single output circuit
  • Timed Off and Constant Switch
  • Includes a thumb wheel.


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Danfoss Randall

Product Description

Danfoss Randall 103 TC Heating Timeswitch

The Danfoss Randall 103 TC  Timeswitch 24 hour 2 on/off  advance is a electro-mechanical time switch that is used for timed heating control. This heating time switch has been Proven to be highly reliable, it is also very easy to use.

A general-purpose, 24-hour, electro-mechanical time switch which provides a single output circuit.
The 103 has a timed off and constant switch which also includes a thumb wheel. The thumb wheel is designed to allow early selection of future switching operations.

To upgrade to an Electronic version use the Danfoss 103E7. This time switch provides more accurate timings and 7 day timing control. It enables more economic timing of on/off periods, also no wiring change is needed!

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