Honeywell CM921 thermostat

Honeywell CMT921A1042 1 Day Wireless Thermostat – Discontinued

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This is now discontinued. The CMT927 is still available for a short while.

The latest wireless programmable thermostat from Honeywell is the Lyric range.

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Product Description

Honeywell CMT921A1042 1 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat

This product is now obsolete, the replacement product is the Honeywell T4 


The Honeywell CMT921A1042 1 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostats have automatic time and temperature control to heating or cooling systems in domestic and light commercial buildings. With large LCD display screens, and automatic time and temperature control is provided. Automatic Summer/Winter time change to assist with maintenance is available as well as function buttons that ensure simplified programming and operation for all users. The Honeywell CMT921 can be used to control the heating circuit in a Sundial S or Y plan, and works particularly well to control combi boiler installations or additional zones in an S Plan Plus System. This slim, and ultra modern 1 Day Wireless Thermostat is equipped with Line of Text (LoT™) display, comes with an energy saving TPI control, and there is no need for installer links or switches on the back of the unit. No adjustment is required for use of this thermostat with any combi boilers and most heating systems. This Wireless Programmable Thermostat comes with one function button to simplify programming and operation, as well as up to six independent time and temperature settings. For more information please visit the Honeywell website.


Large LCD display screens.

Equipped with Line of Text (LoT).

No adjustment or rewiring is necessary for this unit to work with a combi boiler.