Horstmann CentaurPlus C17-ZW 24 hr Timeswitch & RF Wireless Thermostat

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Horstmann CentaurPlus C17-ZW 24 hr Timeswitch & RF Wireless Thermostat

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  • New wireless version of its CentaurPlus ZW timeswitch.
  • Easy to install and programme
  • Operates with the latest Horstmann HRT4-ZW wireless room thermostat
  • Simple and reliable
  • 24-hour BST/GMT clock
  • Bright backlit display to assist with ease of reading and setting

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Product Description

Horstmann Centaurplus C17-ZW Timeswitch & RF Wireless Thermostat

Horstmann Centaurplus C17-ZW is a new wireless version of its CentaurPlus ZW timeswitch. It can save the householder up to 10% in energy costs* while being easy to install and programme.
The wireless CentaurPlus C17 ZW operates with the latest Horstmann HRT4-ZW wireless room thermostat and together, the two offer a highly efficient controls package ideally suited to combi boiler installations.

It is estimated that some eight million homes* in the UK are operating central heating systems without a room thermostat as part of the controls package. Many of these are combi boiler installations where it was once considered sufficient for a time switch and TRV’s on radiators to provide control.

It is in fact an inefficient solution and leads to fluctuations in heating levels that can result in uncomfortable room temperatures and wasted energy consumption caused by excessive boiler cycling.

By replacing the existing timeswitch with a Horstmann CentaurPlus ZW and adding the Horstmann HRT-4 ZW room thermostat an energy saving control solution is created to achieve and maintain optimum control of room temperature settings.

The pairing process using the Z-Wave technology in both units is both simple and reliable and the resulting enhanced control of temperature settings and the boiler firing regime is both energy saving and efficient.

The new CentaurPlus C17 ZW is the flagship model in a completely upgraded family of controls. As well as its wireless technology the unit now features a 24-hour BST/GMT clock and a bright backlit display to assist with ease of reading and setting.

Yet it retains the industry standard six-pin back plate that makes upgrading a process that only takes minutes for a qualified installer. Alternatively, if the previous wall plate is non standard, it can be exchanged for a new plate (supplied) using the same wiring re-connected into the correct terminals.

The HRT4-ZW room thermostat uses the latest technology that interfaces perfectly with the time switch. Self monitoring Time Proportional Control (TPI) software in the ‘stat makes a series of precise calculations once it has entered the control or proportional band.

When set to six cycles per hour the software will calculate the amount of heat needed during each 10 minute period and switch the boiler on for a proportion of those 10 minutes to maintain the set temperature.

This stops the wide fluctuations in temperature that can occur with conventional thermostats. The integral features of the TPI software then ‘fine tune’ the calculations to constantly review its performance and carry out further fine adjustments if necessary.

The system will now be compliant with Part L1 of the 2010 Building Regulations for existing heating systems – a relatively quick and straightforward change over that can produce significant cost savings for the householder.

*Reference source TACMA

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