Horstmann Thermoplus AS2 7 Day Room Thermostat, Battery Powered

Horstmann Thermoplus AS2 7 Day Room Thermostat – Battery Powered

£68.50 (£57.08 ex.VAT)



Product Description

Horstmann Thermoplus AS2 7 Day Room thermostat – Battery Powered:

The Horstmann  ThermoPlus AS2 is a battery powered, simple to use, programmable thermostat for applications where a permanent mains supply is readily available, it is designed to provide an economical but comfortable pattern of heating without the need for complex adjustments by the user.

For day-to-day use only 3 buttons are needed.

The built-in clock is programmed to the correct time during manufacture and will automatically adjust for summer and winter time changes, so there’s never any need for user adjustment.

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