Optimum connect wifi boiler module and immersion timer

Optimum Connect Wi-Fi Boiler Module or Immersion Timer

£39.99 (£33.33 ex.VAT)

Delivery usually within 2-3 working days

  • 24 hour/ 7 day programming through app
  • Surface mounting
  • Timed On/Off
  • Override On/Off button
  • Minimum setting 1 minute
  • Countdown Function: Countdown ON or OFF
  • 16 Amp resistive, 4 Amp inductive
  • Earth park terminal and cable clamps
  • Not suitable for discharge or LED lighting without a contractor
  • Free delivery

Product Description

Optimum Connect Wi-Fi Boiler Module or Immersion & General Purpose Timer

The Optimum connect OP-BM-IHTWF01 is a wifi universal boiler module or immersion heater control. This timer is remotely programmable via user’s home wifi hub or the smartphone app. The app allows for the timer to be programmed for a timed switching sequence on a 24 hour or 7 day basis.

The WiFi Module can be easily removed from the enclosure and directly mounted inside boilers with suitable timer apertures.

There is a manual override button on the device, or it can be manually overridden via the app, whether the user is in wifi range, or remotely if the smartphone has a data signal.

Additional WiFi switches can be added to the system – a standard WiFi router has capacity for up to 15 devices. Devices can be grouped, and work with either Amazon Alexa or google home.

Security is military grade A.E.S. encryption, with dynamic key allocation and an https encrypted channel.

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