RF205 Digital Thermostat

Optimum RF205 Digital Programmable RF Room Thermostat

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  •  Digital weekly radio frequency room thermostat clock
  •  Range (in buildings) < 30m
  • Attractive design, simple layout.
  • Large blue backlit display
  • Six timed temperature periods per day
  • Factory pre-set programme
  • Auto, override, fixed temperature and OFF mode selections
  • Slimline receiver with volt-free connection—suitable for combi boilers
  • RF link factory pre-installed
  • 433 MHz operating frequency
  • 5/2 days, 6/1 days, or 7 day program configuration
  • Free delivery

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Product Description

Optimum RF205 Digital Programmable RF Room Thermostat

The Optimum RF205 is a digital weekly radio frequency room thermostat clock. This programmable device allows you to have easy control over your heating.

There is a 30m range from the receiver to the thermostat, which gives you the freedom to place the thermostat where you want. The attractive design has a simple and easy to use layout, which has a large blue backlit display.

There are six timed temperature periods per day, and a factory pre-set programme. An auto, override, fixed temperature and off mode selections are all available with this device. The slimline receiver that come with this thermostat, has a volt free connection which makes it suitable for all combi boilers.

Other features include:

• Transmitter: 2 x AA alkaline batteries
• Switching capacity: 2A resistive
• Receiver: 230V 50Hz
• Accuracy: < 3s per day
• Set-point range: 5°C—35°C

• Transmitter: 136 x 90 x 30mm
• Receiver: 86 x 90 x 20mm

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