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Osram colour changing bulb

Osram 5 Watt LED RGB GU10 Colour Changing Bulb With Remote

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  • Colour changing bulb
  • Controlled with remote -included
  • Remote can control more than 1 bulb
  • Easy installtion
  • Uses 80% less energy compared to ordinary bulbs.
  • 5 Watt
  • Free delivery
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Product Description

Osram 5Watt LED GU10 Colour Chaning Bulb With Remote

The Osram GU10 is a 5 watt LED bulb, that allows you to change the colour of the lighting via the remote control. This bulb is the perfect item for many occasions, switching from shades of purple and pink to warm white or even blue.

This bulb is great for parties, as you can turn your living room into a disco via the special strobe feature colour changing mode. It’s also great to use in a child rooms, as the soothing blue light can help to calm.

With easy installation, you’ll be ready to go with your colour changing in no time. These bulbs also use 80% less energy compared with ordinary bulbs, which can help save you money of your electricity bills. The remote is included with this bulb, which allows you to operate more than one bulb. This remote can operate multiple bulbs by pointing at each lamp separately. You’re able to switch off certain lamps of change the setting of each individual item with the touch of a button. There’s no need for an addition app or smartphone with the control of the bulb, it can be done straight from the infrared remote.

This Osram colour changing bulb has a lifetime use of up to 25,000 hours.

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