siemens RDH10 GB

Siemens RDH10-GB Digital Room Thermostat

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Siemens RDH10 Digital Room Thermostat

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  • Battery powered
  • Displays both current and set temperatures
  • Low battery warning
  • Temperature range 5-30ºC
  • Also available as a wireless


Product Description

Siemens RDH10-GB Digital Room Thermostat:

The Siemens RDH10-GB Digital room thermostat is a battery powered thermostat, it displays both the current and the set temperatures. These thermostats are perfect in any room and makes it easier for you to control your heating.
The thermostat also contains a low battery warning, so you won’t have to worry about your thermostat batteries dying without you knowing. The temperature range of this device is 5-30ºC, so you can pick whatever temperature you want to keep you comfortable.

There is also a wireless RF version available.

This item is usually delivered within 3 – 5 working days.
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