CS96DVR Set up
CS96DVR Camera

Smartware CS96DVR Wireless Digital Camera System

£169.99 (£141.66 ex.VAT)

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  • 7” touchscreen monitor
  • VGA 420p resolution
  • 5m night view
  • 60° viewing angle
  • 1 camera included
  • Able to expand up to 4 cameras
  • Free delivery

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Product Description

Smartware CS96DVR Wireless Digital Camera System

The Smartware CS96DVR is a high resolution wireless digital camera system. This device allows you to monitor what is going on outside and inside of your home/work. The monitor included is a 7” touchscreen, which allows you to have a live view of the footage.

The CS96DVR allows for 5m night viewing and has a VGA (480p) resolution. The recorder is expandable for up to 4 cameras. This set comes with 1 camera, which includes motion detection software and a microphone.  Speaks are also available on the monitor, which allows you to hear what is being recorded. The camera is able to capture up to a 60° angle.

This footage can also be viewed on your smartphone via a free app.

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