Spirotech Spirotrap Magnabooster MB3 System Filter 22mm
Spirotech Spirotrap Magnabooster MB3 System Filter 22mmSpirotech Spirotrap Magnabooster MB3 System Filter 22mm

Spirotech Spirotrap MB3 System Filter 22mm

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Product Description

Spirotech Spirotrap MB3 Magnabooster Magnetic Heating System Filter 22mm

The SpiroTrap MB3 Magnabooster from Spirotech is an extremely effective and powerful central heating system dirt separator for removing both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles from heating systems. Spirotech have given the Magnabooster Spirotrap MB3 product a 20 Year Guarantee. 

Spirotrap MB3 filter technology:-

1.       Rotating connector enabling the Spirotech Spirotrap MB3 Magnabooster Filter to be used with both horizontal and vertical, and even diagonal, pipe.

2.       Detachable external magnet with unique magnetic field magnabooster technology.

3.       The unique SpiroTube from Spirotech is the key component in the Spirotrap MB3 Magnabooster Heating System Filter that has been specially designed for optimum dirt separation and has very low resistance.

4.       Drain valve for removing heating system dirt collected in the Spirotrap.

The Spirotrap Magnabooster MB3 is suitable for horizontal, vertical and even diagonal central heating system pipes.


  •          Highly efficient separation of both magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles (from 5 µm!)
  •          Protects the central heating pump and other expensive system components
  •          Dirt is drained quickly and easily
  •          Can be installed very quickly and easily
  •          Robust and leak-free, with large-volume dirt collection capacity
  •          Suitable for horizontal, vertical and even diagonal pipes
  •          20-year guarantee

The effective collection of magnetic dirt particles is becoming more and more important for new generations of pumps, for example.

Technical data for the Spirotech SpiroTrap MB3 Heating System Filter

Weight [kg] 2.21

Dimension H [mm] 148

Dimension L [mm] 92

Dimension M [mm] 116

Product number UEE022WJ

Total solutions for heating systems from Spirotech

Spirotech offer a wide range of total solutions for HVAC and process systems: fittings, additives and advice on how to use and assure the quality of the system fluid as effectively as possible. These products, including the Spirotrap Magnabooster MB3, and services will reduce faults, wear and maintenance and also improve the performance of the system while reducing energy consumption. These total solutions will also provide major benefits and save time when it comes to the design, installation, start-up and controlling of heating systems.

The Spirotech range is just one of the central heating system filter manufacturers available from HRH Solutions. 

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