Teddington CombiSave Hot Water Energy Saving Device

£45.99 (£38.33 ex.VAT)

Teddington Combisave

  • 15mm Connections
  • Saves water, gas and time
  • Acts like a pre-heat combi boiler function
  • For use on combination boiler hot water flow
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Product Description

Teddington Combisave

The Teddington Combisave is designed to be fitted on the hot water flow from a combi boiler to control the amount of water that flows to the hot tap before it is heated. By reducing the flow rate the Combisave will save the user on water bills through wasted water. The amount of gas used to get the water to temperature is also reduced and the time to wait at the tap is reduced.


The Combisave information site has all the details and can be found by clicking here.

The Teddington Combisave comes with 15mm connections and has installation instructions with it. If you’d like to know more about how to install the Combisave then have a look at the video below.